Wednesday, 1 October 2014

To Die For

Like the black plague
You came into my life
Paralysing every part of my body
But my heart.

An epidemic I never wished for
An epidemic I could have never intended for myself
Or anyone else.
An epidemic I watch growing inside me
An epidemic I carry with me
and contain others with
While containing myself from the cure
Merely to keep the momentum between
love and death alive by killing
For living without you. 

Monday, 11 August 2014


Ο παππούς μου σήμερα ήθελε να μου πει κάτι. Σημειώστε ότι έκαμεν εγχείριση πρόσφατα τζαι επιάσαν τον τα υπαρξιακά του. Όι πως τον αφήσαν τζαι ποττέ...

'Έλα δα να σου πω'. Τζαι ξεκινά:

Ώσπου 'μαι εγώ ης τη ζωή 
Έψαχνα για αγάπη 
Μα δυστηχώς επλήρωνα 
Άλλους εγώ τα λάθη.

Που'να πεθάνω
Εν θέλω αγάπη μου να κλάψεις 
Μα ούτε τζαι στον τάφο μου
Καντύλη να μ'ανάψεις.

Γιατί εν ναν τα μάθκια μου κλειστά 
Τζαι εν θα μπορούν να δούσην 
Με πιοι με αγαπούσασην 
Με πιοι που με μισούσην.

Και του απαντώ:

Σταυρή μου άκουσα σε να μιλάς 
Για Χάρο τζαι καντύλι 
Μα εξιασες πως έζησες  
Τζαι μια ζωήν αργύρη.

Εσού έθελες γρουσάφι   
Τζαι το αργύρη εν σου άρεσε 
Μα το γρουσάφι εν βαρή
Τζ'η διεκδίκηση του σε βάρεσε.

Νομίζεις πως η ζωή σ'αδίκησε 
Τζαι νιώθεις λυπημένος 
Μα μεν νομίζεις πως εν εύκολο 
Να είσαι ευτυχισμένος.

Θέλει δουλειά τζαι υπομονή 
Τζαι πίστη τζαι ελπίδα 
Γι'αυτό αντί να'σιεις παράπονο 
Καλύττερα ασπίδα.

Περί ζωής και θανάτου, αυτά είχαμε για σήμερα.

Σταύρος Δημητρίου και η Ελίνα σας.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Feed the monsters.

I've been trying to kill these monsters for years.

At first I didn't know they were there [so you can imagine my surprise when I found out].

Then I thought 'It's cool, I got this' [I used to do Tae Kwon Do so nothing scares me].

But then, I realised that the monsters were heavy and big and intangible. So there wasn't actually a way for me to defeat them. I swear I could have used a gun to kill them but there really wasn't a violent enough way to deal with it. No kicking, no stabbing, no shooting would do.

Until one day, high as, I realised the monsters were in fact baby monsters in disguise. They have the ability to do that you know; transform into something bigger than they really are.

So now I'm tryna feed them love and help them grow. They say they're not hungry but they haven't eaten in years. From anorexia to greed, they will soon grow dead.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


I straightened my hair today.
I don't think anyone noticed
but if they did, they didn't say it.

That's the case with most things we notice. We don't say we've noticed them so they remain unsaid; not unnoticed.

Easy to confuse the two though.
    I mean it's easy to assume that the unsaid has been unnoticed but not vice versa.

I noticed the tape stuck on your mouth.

Monday, 20 January 2014

I'm Blue.

No-one mentioned I was suffering.
No-one said I was depressed.
All they ever did was look
and say how much they were impressed.

Being my parent wasn't easy.
Being my parents' parent was as bad.
You know that I am lonely- 
I know myself is all I had. 

My lover boy approaches
But I ask him not to touch.
I say I don't do feelings;
About love I don't know much.

I can feel him coming closer
and this time I'm not afraid.
In fact maybe I should thank him
For providing love's first aid.

In our minds we are together
And I'm sure we'll be one day
Then again today's Blue Monday
So I don't think that day's today.

Thursday, 12 December 2013


The trouble with defining is trying to define...

As Devine;
I define
Your presence in my life.

You are by me.
Even when I'm not there.

In the darkness,
in the light,
when I think of you at night.

You are here
So I say don't let fear
Make you disappear.

Because you are defined-
As the one I'm
Trying to find.